iView Announces First Patient Treated in Phase 2 Clinical Trial Program Evaluating IVIEW-1201 in Patients with Acute Adenoviral Conjunctivitis

Doylestown, Pennsylvania — Today, iView Therapeutics Inc. announced that the first patient has been treated in the Phase 2 IVIEW-1201-01-AIC clinical trial program accessing the efficacy of IVIEW-1201 for adolescent and adult patients (age ≥15 years) with Acute Adenoviral Conjunctivitis. First subject was dosed on 19 Dec in India at Disha Eye Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata under this Phase II Clinical trial program. This study was planned in US, India and China simultaneously.

“Acute Infectious Conjunctivitis is the most common and most contagious ocular infections around the world, but there is no approved treatment for the acute viral conjunctivitis, which represents a massive unmet medical need in ophthalmology,” said Bo Liang, Ph.D. MBA, Chairman & President, iView Therapeutic Inc. “IVIEW-1201 is a broad spectrum antiseptic gel forming ophthalmic solution which is potentially effective against all infectious pathogens including bacteria, mycobacteria, fungus and virus. The initiation of the global Phase 2 clinical trial program is an important milestone as we seek to provide an effective treatment option for AVC patients.”

Acute infectious conjunctivitis is a leading cause of ocular morbidity, epidemic eye infection, lost productivity, patient discomfort and in some cases permanent visual compromise. The infectious agent is most frequently viral in origin and less frequently bacterial in origin with very little to reliably distinguish one from the other. Concomitant inflammatory damage often occurs and can lead to long term ocular morbidity. No current FDA-approved treatments are capable of treating both viruses and bacteria. The objective of this study is to assess the efficacy of IVIEW-1201 as a first-line treatment for ocular infection in the setting of an acute adenoviral conjunctivitis infection.

“As we have successfully treated our first patient in India, we are excited and looking forward to have more patients get treated and benefit from this study.” said leading PI, Dr. Virender Sangwan, Director of Innovation at Dr. Shroff Charity Eye Hospital.

About iView-1201

IVIEW-1201 is a novel in-situ gel forming ophthalmic solution with in vitro efficacy against many bacteria, yeasts, fungi and human adenovirus. In preclinical evaluation, it demonstrated antimicrobial efficacy on contact with ocular isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Methicillin Resistant- Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and Candida parapsilosis. In a cytopathic effect study with human AE549 cells, IVIEW-1201 demonstrated complete inactivation of Human Adenovirus Type 5 after 30 ± 5 minutes liquid-liquid contact at 37 ± 2°C.

About iVIEW Therapeutics Inc.

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